Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Case for the Teacher's Desk

I love the whole "Flexible Seating" movement. Seriously. It is the best thing for kids. Get rid of traditional seating. Get rid of traditional kids' desks. Grab your bean bags, grab your fun chairs, grab your yoga balls, grab your pillows, grab your wheeled tables that can go up, down, sideways, and every which way. Have at it.

But get your hands off my desk.

Who spends the most time in OUR classroom? Me. I say OUR because it is OUR classroom. Yes, we are all there for our students. But I am there the most. I am there before school, after school, during recess, during lunch, and on weekends sometimes. I come in early during summer, and I am there long after I need to be once school is out for summer.

I deserve one spot to call my own. One spot that is adult size, adult height, with a comfortable adult chair, and an adult desk. I need a space to plan and work. I need a space to reflect, decompress, laugh, and cry. I need a space to store my pens, pencils, thank you cards, and feminine hygiene products. (Yeah, I said it.) I need a place to keep my slippers and comfy socks for those days when my feet are killing me. I need a place to store the candy stash when I NEED A PIECE OF FREAKIN' CANDY. I need a place to keep my color printer that I bought with my own money so I can print the amazing products my students create. I need a place to store my stash of crackers and granola bars for when a student comes to school hungry. I need a place to store my worry rock that I rub when I am stressed.

I spend more time in our classroom than anyone else. Don't I deserve one spot that belongs to me?

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